Being Part Frieza’s Army in Dragon Ball Gives You Some Great Perks

Dragon Ball Z


I’ve always wondered why characters in the Dragon Ball universe always decide they would work with Frieza? He’s a tyrant who takes over planets, enslaving billions! Well, keen Twitter user @insect_705 discovered in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse that the main reason to sign up for Frieza’s Army was the benefits and parental leave!





“The Ginyu Force also comes with a maternity and childcare allowance. Make sure you tell them when you’re about to have a kid!”     


In an age where we humans are still fighting for these rights, it’s good to know one of the evilest characters in the Dragon Ball universe still looks after his employees. Now the question is, do they also get healthcare and death benefits? When your boss can decide to kill you at any time, you’d hope that was standard in your contract!


Source: @insect_705 on Twitter


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