Attack on Titan Final Season Stomps Through with Episode 65 Illustration by Takayuki Sano

Attack on Titan Final Season


Today marks the debut of another colossal episode of Attack on Titan Final Season, as the action continues to heat up in MAPPA’s take on Hajime Isayama’s saga. Now that Episode 65, “The War Hammer Titan,” is here, the staff behind the show has another awesome illustration to share as thanks for watching.


As always, literally anything could be construed as a spoiler at this point, so read on with caution! 


This one features Eren as a Titan and the War Hammer Titan, and comes from Takayuki Sano, who has worked as animation director on episodes and is credited as Titan designer. 




The official MAPPA account also thanked fans for watching and shared some behind the scenes art while telling everyone to look forward to the next episode. 





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