Attack on Titan Final Season Is Horsing Around in This Week’s Episode Illustration

Attack on Titan Final Season


Pieces are falling into place on Attack on Titan as the Final Season continues on. As with every week, just as this week’s episode aired in Japan, the 70th overall for the entire series, a new illustration drawn by this week’s animation director was released, and this week, animation director Michel Sugimoto (unit animation director on PROMARE, episode animation director on BNA: Brand New Animal) gallops forward.


Remember, spoilers abound for the latest episode, you have been warned!





Attack on Titan Final Season


And this week’s key animation comes from animator Yu Kobayashi, known for their work as Chief Animation Director on HAIKYU‼ TO THE TOP. Kobayashi says in a tweet that “Tonight’s episode [of Attack on Titan] will make you cry,” for those who have seen the episode, that may make some sense to them.





Attack on Titan Final Season


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