Aikatsu Planet! VA Idol Unit Sings about Complicated Feelings of Love in New MV “Lady・Lady・Lady”



Following the TV show’s ED theme song “Kirari☆Party♪Time”, the eight-member voice actress idol unit STARRY PLANET from Aikatsu Planet! has released their new music video “Lady・Lady・Lady” on YouTube.


The pop tune was included in the Part 2 of the Data Carddass Aikatsu Planet! series and used in the stage battle scene of the show’s 11th episode aired in Japan on March 21. The franchise’s official Twitter introduces the theme of the songs as: “This song depicts the pride and feelings of a lady who wants her classmate boy to know her properly even though her feelings are wavering.”



“Lady・Lady・Lady” music video:




“Lady・Lady・Lady” Data Carddass version music video:



“Kirari☆Party♪Time” music video:



“STARRY PLANET☆” members:


  • Kaaya Data: Mao Otoha / Hana
  • Rio Ogura: Ruli Tamaki / Ruli
  • Shizune Nagao: Kyoko Umekoji / Beat
  • Rion Watanabe: Shiori Motoya / Shiori
  • Mizuki: Ayumi Tsukishiro /Q-Pit
  • Amy: Ann Kurimu / Ann
  • Narumi Uno: Meisa Hinata / Rose
  • Riruka Uno: Sala Itoi / Sala






Source: Aikatsu Planet! Station YouTube channel




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