2nd Sailor Moon Eternal Anime Film Teases Next Anime Project

 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal 


The second of the two-part Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal anime films released in Japan yesterday and at the end of the film, “To be continued” was splashed onto the screen, teasing that more is to come for the franchise that was borne from a reboot adaptation of the manga series in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Oricon News posted a video of a stage event to celebrate the film’s opening yesterday with the cast. During the video, the voice actor of Sailor Moon, Kotono Mitsuishi, was asked about a continuation of the film, in which she pondered if it did say “continue” but said that she’d want more Sailor Moon to happen “as soon as possible.” After some joking around with Kenji Nojima, the voice actor for Tuxedo Mask, about announcing a continuation Mitsuishi exclaimed “I’ll do it!” She also noted that she “will always come if I am requested.” A sequel hasn’t formally been announced as of yet.


There’s still one more arc from the original manga series to be readapted for the new version of Sailor Moon.



The two Sailor Moon Eternal anime films continue to re-adapt the manga series from Naoko Takeuchi, which started with Sailor Moon Crystal, moving on to adapting the Dead Moon arc. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 was released in Japan on January 8 with the second part scheduled to be released on February 11 respectively, with Chiaki Kon returning from season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal to direct at Studio Deen and Toei Animation.


Source: Oricon


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